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Vanier College Reviews

821 Avenue Sainte-Croix, Montreal, Quebec H4L 3X9, Canada

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pay attention in class and you'll get high 90s; he tells you explicitly what the most important parts are and you can quote them directly for the test questions

Take notes when reading because it may be hard to remember certain details for quizzes, but a great class. She got me back into reading.

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(this is about his waves class) Usually he does not give a lot of notes, so you should use the texbook (although it's not great) or other resources like youtube videos (those are helpful), but he is very understanding and takes students' well being into consideration. His quizzes are not over the top, quite short and don't happen every week. His class is fun to be in.

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Study the books because most of the questions will be based off of the book.

Attend EVERY SINGLE CLASS!! The course load is way too much, always something due for the following classes. Her homework are long (1h-2h) for you to complete it. It is interesting but the workload is way too much!!!

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