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Vanier College Reviews

821 Avenue Sainte-Croix, Montreal, Quebec H4L 3X9, Canada

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Make sure to listen and volunteer for anything he gives out to volunteer whenever you have the most free time on your hands.

Had her for Magical Beasts and Beings. She really wants you to succeed and makes sure to offer the help you need in order to do so. Make sure to understand what she really wants, especially for essays. Once you got that down and follow the format she wants, you'll do very well in this class. She also picks interesting books to read

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I had Juan for my fairytales class and it was awesome. for the most part, it is an easy going class. I feel like if you know how to write a good essay and you are good at making connections, you should be okay. also, remember to keep yourself organized and find other resources to be creative.

Be sure to study the concepts. I tried understanding the webwork but it wasn't enough. You really need to make sure that you understand the theory / logic behind the situation.

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Study the books because most of the questions will be based off of the book.

Knowledgable teacher. Fair grader. Good course content. Challenging workload (group assignments almost every class). She always seems to be very tired in class. She procrastinates quite a lot, she normally just grades everything at the end of the semester.

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