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Alieh Kazemeini

Data based on 6 reviews.

Overall Rating: 2.2 / 5.0

What kind of test questions does this teacher use most often (choose one):

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The teacher responds to emails promptly. Do you...

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The teacher lets us know at the beginning of the course and along the way how much each part of the class (homework, papers, quizzes and tests) counts towards our total grade:

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Class of
Feb 25, 2021

Good notes, enough for a basic understanding of the concepts. She is a very knowledgeable teacher. Her examples are very basic. The only way to actually study for the tests are to do the suggested problems, and there are about 50 per chapter to do. She also suggests textbook problems. I scored a fairly good grade, but the average failed. I did not enjoy being in her class in all honesty. I have never seen a teacher lack so much empathy for the students. Forget about explaining your situation, asking for an extension, or even explaining technological difficulties to her. If you do not submit on time, you get a zero no matter how long you argue with her. Internet connection issue? Forget it, she literally told a student "Get a better connection, it's not my problem". She is also passive-aggressive and throws off-putting comments at you when you don't understand something. She barely has any patience, so you will have a hard time in the labs if you mess up. I am pretty sure the majority of the people in my class who took her try their best to get another chemistry teacher.

Class of
Jan 06, 2021

Ask the teacher exactly what she wants to see on the test. The teacher doesn't show all the steps she expects to see on tests/quizzes, resulting in many lost marks.

Class of
Dec 29, 2019

Her tests are similar to the problem sets she hands out. If you're able to do them, you'll be fine for the tests.