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Rhys Adams

Data based on 6 reviews.

Overall Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

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Class of
Jun 25, 2020

(this is about his waves class) Usually he does not give a lot of notes, so you should use the texbook (although it's not great) or other resources like youtube videos (those are helpful), but he is very understanding and takes students' well being into consideration. His quizzes are not over the top, quite short and don't happen every week. His class is fun to be in.

Class of
May 10, 2020

Make sure you free your whole week when he starts giving deadlines because they will all usually be condensed around the same 2-3 days. Learn material on your own and do not depend on him to provide you with notes. His classes are most reviews and group activities, so it's better to learn the material in advance.

Class of
Jun 12, 2019

Lots of quizzes but not complicated. He prepares us well for the unit tests and the final exam. Allows a cheat sheet for the exams and the final. Medium length lab reports. Not a lot of notes but the essential to understand well. We had to make our own notes as he wrote everything on the board.