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Jacqueline Miller

Data based on 4 reviews.

What kind of test questions does this teacher use most often (choose one):

Is the teacher available for extra help during study halls, lunchtime, before or after school, etc.?

The teacher responds to emails promptly. Do you...

The teacher posts in-class materials online for reference (slides, etc.):

The teacher lets us know at the beginning of the course and along the way how much each part of the class (homework, papers, quizzes and tests) counts towards our total grade:

How much homework does this teacher assign?

The amount of writing required in this class is:

The teacher allows us to use technology in class (e.g. laptop, calculator, smart pen, etc.)

How much memorization is required to do well in this teacher’s course?

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What advice would you give yourself if you were just starting the class now?

Lili O.
Class of 2020
Jan 08, 2020

For the 400 psychology class the grading : paper and oral 50 % 2 exams 20 % each the rest in class exercises, mostly responses from watching documentaries ( not easy ) She is very strict and unflexible teacher, if you want to pass the class to do your paper the EXACT way she wants, don't miss the deadline, no second chances, attend EVERY class, take a lot of notes, the powerpoints won't be posted online, memorize the texbook. You definitely cannot do your work last minute. Expect to put a LOT of efforts into this class. the test materiel from the textbook is not reviewed in class, make sure to read it. For graduating students who are taking her 400-level psychology class, be aware of the risk you are taking. (the above was a review based on facts, i tried to make it unbiased) now for my biased review: among all my semesters at vanier, she was hands down the worst teacher i've ever had. She is the type of teacher that enjoys looking for mistakes, even for simple questions on documentaries, she will look for the information you don't have, so even if you think it's a one sentence answer make sure to write an essay. Like all teachers she will say ask me questions, but if you actually ask it's feels as if she's insulting you. To conclude it will not be an easy class or an easy teacher, if you ended having her be prepared to work hard and good luck.

Israareads ..
Class of 2020
Dec 08, 2019

be sure to be present in all classes, or to at least know someone in the class; there's a lot of material, so not rlly good for a complementary; a lot of documentaries/videos are presented too during class

Julia D.
Class of 2020
Jun 11, 2019

Attend every class or else you may struggle to catch up on the material. You should also be prepared to write a lot during class while taking notes and be unable to understand the powerpoint presentations since they are extremely unorganized.