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Martha Bernstein

Data based on 2 reviews.

Overall Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

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Class of
Jun 27, 2020

she is one of the best humanities teachers ive ever had. She gives a maximum of 7 bonus points just for doing little 3-4 minutes orals about the topic that's discussed in that class. Her exams are so easy if you review what she says and she practically tells you exactly what's on the test. if you have a chance to take it do yourself a favor and take this class. Just listen the most as possible during class and write everything she says easy 90

Class of
Jan 12, 2020

the class is really boring and you don't need to attend more than one lecture prior to every test as long as you read the required material. don't buy the books, you'll never use them. the teacher doesn't really know what she's talking about but you can get a really good grade so i guess i was indifferent to this class