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In Development Economics, it's important to understand the basic concepts. It's more of a thinking and applying class than a simple memorization/regurgitation of facts. Make sure you understand how the variables relate to each other and how economic principles apply in the context of economic development. Lots of quizzes, but assignments are very helpful to practice calculations and thought processes.

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Just listen in class, He's an amazing teacher. He doesn't want you to memorize things, but rather understand them. He's extremely understanding. If you have any questions or things you don't understand, he'll stay with you until you understand. He'll even schedule a meeting with you and help you as long as it takes just for you to understand the material. Best English teacher I've ever had.

His really clear when he explains the subject. He let us the time to re-write what's on the board, he doesn't erase it as other teachers. He's also flexible with cellphones, I mean he doesn't care because at the end if you fail that's your fault. Overall, he has a lovely personality and he cares if we understand or not. He clearly see's it on our face. About the homeworks, we had done about 3 online and we had a lot of time to do it. If you failed an exercise you have unlimited chances to do it. At the end we all have 100. And about his exam they are really easy if you listen a minimum. You don't really need to do the whole textbook, I didn't even touched it, I just did again the same exercises that we had done in class. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT :)

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If you're good at self-studying math then this class is for you.

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