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Alain Léger

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Zi bo T.
Class of 2019
Jan 01, 2020

*Takes good notes, since Léger won't post his notes on Omnivox. *Please DO his assignments, it will help a lot. *If you have any questions, go ask immediately, the class is moving fast with notions.

Nurjahan B.
Class of 2019
Apr 07, 2019

Alain Leger is literally the best teacher ever if you have the chance to take him, do it!!! he's a really funny guy and he always tells us hilarious stories (dont worry if you think we wont finish the material in time because not only did we finish all the material he gave us a free day where we didnt have to come in because we finished everything early). His assignments are a bit hard BUT if you do them all you're going to ACE his tests and its unbelievable how AMAZING his notes are truly they're god given notes they really help you prepare you for the final. Leger truly prepares you for the final i got a 94 in the cal 2 final and im not the greatest person in math so if i can do it then so can anyone else (also cal 2 is one of the hardest math classes so can you imagine how GREAT he is like i got a 92 as my final grade !!) so yea TAKE ALAIN LEGER YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT :)