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Schools in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Northwoods Elementary School
3600 Northwoods Ln Eau Claire WI 54703-1379
Prairie Ridge Early Learning
3031 Epiphany Ln Eau Claire WI 54703
Putnam Heights Elementary School
633 W MacArthur Ave Eau Claire WI 54701-6399
Regis Catholic Schools
2100 Fenwick Avenue, Eau Claire
Robbins Elementary School
3832 E Hamilton Ave Eau Claire WI 54701-8106
Roosevelt Elementary School
3010 8th St Eau Claire WI 54703-1598
Sherman Elementary School
3110 W Vine St Eau Claire WI 54703-4898
South Middle School
2115 Mitscher Ave,Eau Claire, WI 54701
St Mark Lutheran School
3307 State Street Eau Claire
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