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Andrew Apicos

Data based on 4 reviews.

Overall Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

What kind of test questions does this teacher use most often (choose one):

Is the teacher available for extra help during study halls, lunchtime, before or after school, etc.?

The teacher responds to emails promptly. Do you...

The teacher posts in-class materials online for reference (slides, etc.):

The teacher lets us know at the beginning of the course and along the way how much each part of the class (homework, papers, quizzes and tests) counts towards our total grade:

How much homework does this teacher assign?

The amount of writing required in this class is:

The teacher allows us to use technology in class (e.g. laptop, calculator, smart pen, etc.)

How much memorization is required to do well in this teacher’s course?

What advice would you give yourself if you were just starting the class now?

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Jan 29, 2021

This teacher is a great teacher. Honors Bio is not as hard as you think. Just use your brain and pay attention in class. He barely gives hw and his tests are not as hard as you think. Just use logic.

Class of
Aug 31, 2020

Honors Bio was quite a difficult class - perhaps one of Schreiber's hardest. Tests are very difficult because the multiple choice questions will require "the best answer" as opposed to "the right answer. " Material is covered quickly and very in depth. Classes are almost entirely lecture based, with the occasional lab. You must be on your "A" game! I recommend making flash-cards to study for each exam. You must be able to define each term in depth.

Class of
May 21, 2020

Make sure to go above and beyond when doing homework or studying for tests. Memorize more than you think you need to, and write more than you need to for homework. He doesn't give clear guidelines for homework and takes off points, so it's better just to do more than expected. He also doesn't teach very well, so you have to do a lot of learning on your own and do lots of practice questions.

Class of
Jul 26, 2019

Make sure that you pay attention and make study sheets. You will need to set aside a few hours for studying. The writing portion of his tests are easy but the multiple-choice can trip you up if you don't read carefully. Purchase the Barrons review book for the SAT2 even if you are not taking the test. It is very useful and it breaks down every topic for you with diagrams and bullet points.