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Apr 10, 2019

My lord, what an amazing teacher. Never in my life have I met a woman so caring, charismatic, enthusiastic, and kind. Mrs.Webster is hands down, THE BEST teacher I have had in my life. Shes always supportive in and out of class, and never ceases to put a smile on my face. Mrs.Webster is unbias and informal. She is extremely organized, and color codes her papers (and even writes in colored marker to match the sheets lol.) The grades carefully as well. Unlike other teachers that I have had in the past, she takes time to leave you notes when she grades, as well as staple answer keys/notes when you don't do well. She truly loves her job and shares her love for global studies with others. I really do wish more teachers like her existed, I really do. If you are reading this to see what she is like for your class next year or whatever, just know you're in good hands. Love you Web!

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