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Natalia Nehring

Data based on 4 reviews.

Overall Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

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Aug 02, 2019

You are going to be taught by a VERY passionate teacher. Be ready for this. Natalia teaches practical courses which teach valuable skills (as of 2019). Her method of teaching is by doing, not by looking. You'll be given a quiz every class (practice only, no marking), these are pretty valuable and make you use your brain. She's published papers on how these quizzes enhance performance so take them. If you don't understand something, ask her. If it's an assignment, email her. Don't skimp on the practise exercises, they help. She's a bit specific on how things are done. If she says use Chrome, use Chrome. If you disagree with her, talk to her. This course is all about how much effort you put in.

Class of
Jun 11, 2019

. Ensure attendance, so that preventing some important knowledge points from being missed.. Do more exercises to ensure that you can master it.

Class of
Jun 11, 2019

Very challenging. Better be prepared with fundamental knowledge before enrolling one of her causes, and ready to devote most of your time in the subjects. The courses are very practical. No pain, no gain.