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Rosalind Ali

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Overall Rating: 3.0 / 5.0

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Nov 14, 2019

Mrs Ali is a lovely teacher, but be prepared for a hectic last week of the year. She’ll give extensions all over the place and then everything ends up due at the same time, and she’ll write on your hand-ins “talk to me about it” and then completely forget about you. Disorganisation is just the way that the class runs which has its pros and cons, so if you are a person who loves organisation, do not take this class. Also, just a quick piece of advice, don’t forget to do all of your internals before the end of term 2 because if you hand them in any later she’ll hold onto them until the end of the year and then you’ll end up getting a terrible grade because you never got any feedback on them. So yeah. Lovely teacher. But in the class you are guaranteed to fail your essays and unfamiliar text because you don’t actually study a text you just do King of Lear by Shakespeare and a whole lot of feministic poems that are very graphic and metaphorical for other things (and if you hate the poems there’s nothing you can do about it). Also (and I know that I’m writing a lot btw) if you really want to take this class but are afraid of failing your exams, (which quite a few people do so I have heard- I’m an ex student and I did in year 12 in this class and then when I switched to the Normal English curriculum in year 13 I got Excellences... I was the class of 2018 by the way (in case you planned to look around for this anonymous commenter)), take Scholarship English with another teacher and use those texts in your exams... and you can just not turn up to the scholarship exam (but it doesn’t hurt if you do) and I can guarantee you that this will help you with your essays. Summary: lovely teacher; disorganised and unstructured curriculum/class.