Flagging A Comment For Ross Fine

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Mr. Fine is honestly the best teacher I've ever had during my student career. I had Mr. Fine from 6th to 8th grade in SSSQ and with Mr. Fine's guidance I learned quite possibly the most I've ever learned in any class, not just about history but good techniques to study for tests such as Teach The Teddy Till The Teddys Taught and other methods to approach challenging homework's and classes later in life. I still to this day use all of his note-taking strategies and his cool stories about his time in Navajo and Israel provide great life-lessons to live by. I can proudly say that I have now taken AP World History as well as the AP United States History in Francis Lewis High School and passed both AP exams with at least a <span class="filtered">4</span> or 5. Amazingly I still used Mr. Fines great class notes for both of these super intense courses. Overall, I owe Mr. Fine a lot of thanks for helping me set a foundation for the rest of my student career and I am grateful that I was to be a part of his last year at SSSQ and even was in his wife's music class in Francis Lewis. I know that he now works at North Shore middle school and, I advise you all to pay as much attention in his class as possible as everything he says is gold and will help you for the rest of your educational careers. Thank You, Mr. Fine!!

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