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Overall Rating: 2.0 / 5.0

What kind of test questions does this teacher use most often (choose one):

Is the teacher available for extra help during study halls, lunchtime, before or after school, etc.?

The teacher responds to emails promptly. Do you...

The teacher posts in-class materials online for reference (slides, etc.):

The teacher lets us know at the beginning of the course and along the way how much each part of the class (homework, papers, quizzes and tests) counts towards our total grade:

How much homework does this teacher assign?

The amount of writing required in this class is:

The teacher allows us to use technology in class (e.g. laptop, calculator, smart pen, etc.)

How much memorization is required to do well in this teacher’s course?

What advice would you give yourself if you were just starting the class now?

Stan L.
Class of 2022
Oct 09, 2019

- Don’t be surprised if you get a lower mark than you do in your other english classes. dhami flat out TOLD us to expect our grade to be at least %10 less than what it usually is. he was right. - when you have to stay at lunch for “homework club” here’s a tip: when he leaves the classroom, dhami doesn’t come back. leave and stay on the lookout in the hallway. - he talks a lot. - you won’t get TOO much homework in his class, but you have to put in so much effort that it feels like it’s 30 times the amount he gave you. don’t procrastinate too much. - he has zero time management. when he tells you the plan for the day, i guarantee you that you won’t be doing the last task. you may not even get the last unit done. - he says the n word in To Kill a Mockingbird - he’s actually pretty decent.. if you finish your homework, pay attention in class, participate, aren’t too loud, and overall a good student. if you screw up too many times he may have a grudge against you. - the exam is pretty easy. short answers abs an essay. - good luck, you’ll need it.