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Chris Aikman



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Overall Rating: 2.3333333333333335 / 5.0

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Ab A.
Class of 2021
Sep 30, 2019

Make sure to do the problem set questions and ask the teacher for help. There is a lot of group work in class which is very helpful because you know what questions to expect on an assessment, however, the answers to the questions may remain ambiguous because they are not taken up as a class. For example, there is not just one way to write the domain/range; it can be written in words or in set notation, but as long as Ms. Aikman verifies your work, you do not have to worry about the different ways to write domain/range because she accepts both answers. The amount of time given for check-ins/tests is very reasonable. The check-ins count toward your term mark, but the tests are worth more. The record of learning system may be a bit confusing for some people, but it helps you recognize the types of questions that you have to work on. This method is my favourite because a mistake on any assessment will not have as heavy of an impact as it would if a teacher were to give percentage marks and calculate an average. There are also opportunities to "show what you know" and change a criterion or two to green. In addition, Ms. Aikman provides extra help. Overall, my experience in her class was excellent because there is a lot of in-class practice so that you are prepared for the check-ins/tests and she gives you extra opportunities to succeed.