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Jennifer Smith

Data based on 2 reviews.

Overall Rating: 2.0 / 5.0

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Nov 26, 2020

It looks like the first person to rate her purposely gave her an extremely bad rating, so I'm going to try to give an unbiased, honest review. She taught me French in G4. We didn't get any homework and we did all the work in class. We didn't get to use any technology, and she didn't want us using Google Translate. Our school also didn't use Google Classroom at the time, and we were pretty young, so there really wasn't a single time we used technology. She was pretty nice sometimes (if you were to say, see her in the hallway), but also could be pretty rude. We had to do this activity once and I had to stand in this one spot and position for a few minutes, and I told her I was getting tired, and she threatened to call my karate sensei's (her son went to the same dojo as me, so she knew where I went) and tell them that I was getting tired too quickly or something like that. She would always get mad at the boys in class who would talk. One time I pointed out the GIRLS in the class who were talking to her, and she told me "It's okay you don't have to tell me they're talking, I'll deal with it" but then she did nothing. One time I was talking in class so she made me AND my friend stay in for some reason, when he did absolutely nothing. I told her he did nothing wrong and he should be let go and she got mad at me. As for what I learned, it was the same as every year. We learned what we needed to learn.